Leather Mocassin Scuffys and Handbags


Women's Scuffys

Dusty Rose


You have two sole choices.  Your first choice (shown on the right) is a very soft and long wearing split which is used for work aprons making it very durable and flexible. Your second choice (shown on the left) is a crepe which is thicker thus offers more cushioning.

When considering your sole selection, the original flexible leather sole along with the soft suede upper is always the more comfortable selection as the sole and upper together will conform to your foot.  The Vibram crepe sole was offered only when customers requested a sole that would be more durable when walking or hiking over more rugged terrain. Both soles are durable and wear well and still will be the most comfortable shoe that you will ever wear.

Scuffys - Price: $45

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Color Swatches

Colors (top to bottom):
Teal, Dusty Rose, Black, Loden, Forest Green, Turquoise, Lime, Chocolate, Rust, Toast, Gold, Burgundy, Red, Fuchsia, Purple, Royal Blue